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Heroes Reborn: 5 New Things From The Shaw Upfronts

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Ever since NBC announced the Heroes Reborn revival, we’ve been sitting on pins and needles waiting for something–anything–telling us what to expect when the game-changing show returns for one more miniseries event. But with mini trailers, no pilots and barely any photos to draw from, this new chapter remains a mystery.

Until today. At the 2015 Shaw Media upfront presentation in Canada, broadcaster Global TV played a sizzle reel that to date, only some in the States have had the luxury of seeing. And it had lots and lots (and lots) of good stuff in it. Even better? Incoming star Zachary Levi was on hand to do small roundtables about the incoming series, which is currently filming in and around the Toronto area.

Here are 5 things we learned from the new trailer, and from Levi himself.

Micah is back!

Depending on the type of Heroes fan you were, you either loved or hated this littlest hero. Well he’s back for Heroes Reborn, and he’s certainly all grown up. He also looks like he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder thanks to his dangerous upbringing…


We have no idea in what capacity the time-travelling hero will appear in the miniseries, but we can safely say he looks a lot more hardened than he did the last time we saw him. Sure, portrayer Masi Oka is a lot older than when he played our favourite comedic relief character, but we definitely wouldn’t want to mess with him, his sword or his slick-backed hair now.


Not much is known about Luke Collins, but based on the trailer, he’s not someone we’re going to be cheering much for. At least not right away, thanks to a murderous streak and an assumption that he’s very much against those with powers.

“He’s doing things for a reason, a reason that he’s convinced is the right thing to do, at least for the time being or whatever.” Levi cryptically told The TV Junkies. “But it’s a journey and I think all the characters in this show, they all start in one spot and they all end in another. It’s really big and a lot of things are going on. These things affect each of the characters. That definitely happens to my character as well. I so badly want to say more to all this, but it would be total spoiler alert and I’d get fired and that would be a bummer.”


After seeing some of the similarities between Jack Coleman’s HRG from the earlier days of Heroes and Luke Collins in this new promo, we couldn’t help but wonder if they’d be in the same league together.

What did Levi have to say about that?

“I can neither confirm nor deny that. Good try though!”

Instead we’ll just say this: Noah Bennett gets his glasses back, and it feels … epic.


We may love Levi from his nerdy crime-fighting days, but for Levi, this role was an opportunity to showcase all of the other things he can do as an actor. It’s one of the reasons he actively sought a role on the show as soon as it was announced.

“Coming in as a wild card it’s like, ‘What is he going to do?’” Levi said. “And you get a little more leeway to play with that and to surprise people. I’m a big fan of surprising people. And scaring people! But surprising people.”

Turns out, Levi is pretty darned happy with how it all worked out, too.

“He’s complicated. But I think the complication is what makes it really intriguing. It was the most intriguing thing to me about the character. When I found out who they wanted me to play I was like, ‘Yes. That’s the character I would like to play,’” he added secretively. [Source]

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Zachary Levi on Being a Newlywed: ‘Marriage Is a Whole Other Animal’

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When former Chuck star Zachary Levi and actress Missy Peregrym tied the knot last June, they were not prepared for the challenges that marriage would introduce.

“Nobody can prepare you for marriage,” Levi, 34, told reporters at the A Night at Sardi’s event, benefitting the Alzheimer’s Association, in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. “Marriage is a whole other animal!”

Thus, over the past nine months, the couple have been learning the ins and outs of being married as they go.

“With dating you can be ‘Hey, it’s not working out,’ and you’re out. But marriage, you make a commitment. The easy outs you don’t have anymore. You’re responsible for another person’s life as they are yours,” added Levi.

And this is a responsibility Levi is taking very seriously, while he also prepares himself to become a father one day.

“Everybody sets out to be a great dad. I think it takes a lot of soul searching and work, work on yourself and past wounds,” Levi revealed to PEOPLE.

Though Levi says he’s in no rush to have kids (“We’re doing us,” he says), he is focusing on another project – the new Heroes reboot that he will start filming next month.

“It’s a continuation of the saga that was Heroes with a whole new cast of characters and their lives and this new world,” Levi said of the show’s resurrection.

“I was a giant fan of the show to begin with. When I was doing Chuck we were doing press with the Heroes guys, and I was like, ‘I want powers!’ ”

So, is his wishing coming true?

“I’m not even sure I have any,” sighed Levi. “I hope I can teleport. Or fly. Or invisibility. Or super strength. Or all of them.” [Source]

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Zachary Levi Talks “Beautiful, Excellent and Intimate” Wedding—and the Best Nerd Party of the Year!

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Zachary Levi is off the market. But he’s still having what we’d like to think of a giant nerd orgy (platonic, of course!) down at San Diego Comic Con right now.

It’s the fourth year for Levi’s Nerd HQ, an impressive, massive and –we’ll just say it—cool ass “Mini Con” that Levi started to “compliment” the big Con next door, and raised $215,00 last year for Operation Smile. The four-day event offers celebrity panels and exclusive gaming and tech experiences, and all proceeds go to charity.

“We have some awesome returning guests,” Levi told us of this year’s nerd-tivities (that’s not a word). “Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Seth Green, Orphan Black, The Giver, Into the Storm and myself, I’m always out there doing a panel or two as well. Really, all we try to do every year is give the fans what they really want. So, we listen to
them Twitter…Stephen Amell is doing a panel, Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton are doing a panel. And we have mystery panels…We try to keep them really light and fun.”

Levi’s also known for throwing the best Comic Con bashes with his Nerd HQ parties, which seem to have an iron-clad “no douchebags” policy, because everyone seems to have a legitimate bash and the dance floor is packed.

“I just like dancing,” Levi explains (not that he needs to). “I think any time you have an opportunity to dance, then you should dance, so let’s make an opportunity for that.”

Levi married Reaper star Missy Peregrym in a surprise ceremony in Hawaii last month, and refers to it as the best day of his life. And of course, no one really saw it coming. Although he and Missy had dated years ago, their rekindling was pretty hush-hush and then whammo! The awesome hoodie pic that revealed it all…

“I’m probably too public with my life and need to kind of rein that back in a little bit,” he joked of the small, secret affair. “It was nice to just kind of have our own little personal, very small wedding. There were a lot of friends and family that weren¹t even able to come, I felt bad about that. It¹s that one big day, but it was really beautiful, excellent and intimate.”

And Chuck fans, he has not forgotten about the other awesome The Nerd Herd! “I’d love to do a Chuck movie at some point,” Levi tells us, “but I don’t know how and when that’s going to happen. I’ll leave that up to the powers that be…I would love to see it.” [SOURCE]


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The Nerd Machine is a ‘Nerdolution’ for Zachary Levi

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“Viva la Nerdolution!” It is the slogan for The Nerd Machine, a community founded and fostered by film star Zachary Levi. It is a charitable group, raising money for charity world-wide. The image in this article was obtained by donating to Operation Smile, an organization dedicated to providing cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries for the impoverished and overlooked children of the world. It is the primary charity of Levi’s group.

At the Nerd Machine booth, during the New York Comic-Con this past fall, the name of Zachary Levi commanded a host of celebrities willing to donate time taking pictures with fans in exchange for a donation to the charity. While the charitable aspects of this group are a huge part of its identity, the organization is a community, and it is much more now than “just” a charity. It is a community of believers in the power of nerds to change the world. As it turns out, the “revenge” of the nerds is that being a nerd is cool now. The internet, and the ability to instantly connect with a world of allies and fellow-outcasts, has more than overcome mere social awkwardness. This is a group that is taking the world by storm, and not apologizing for anything. This is a generation of nerds that got around to doing the math. [READ THE FULL ARTICLE]

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‘Thor: The Dark World’ Stars Talk Marvel Secrecy at Premiere

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“I didn’t really know much about it until I was doing it,” said Levi of his role. “But I trust in the creative team and forces and powers at Marvel. I think they make really incredible, giant, epic movies. So when they say, ‘hey we want you to go do that,’ I think you say, ‘Ok, I’d like to do that.'” [READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT HOLLYWOOD REPORTER]

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Third Annual Nerd HQ Shatters Records, Raises $215,000 For Operation Smile

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Zachary Levi and The Nerd Machine returned to Comic-Con this year bringing with them Nerd HQ. This annual event, now in its third year, provided fans with a home base during the international comic book and entertainment festival. Guests experienced cutting edge technology with hardware provided by Intel & ASUS; gaming showcases including action-packed Neverwinter gameplay; a sneak peak at the all-new, electric FIAT 500e and several exclusive parties including the festival favorite, Levi’s annual Nerd Party.

Also back by popular demand was the very popular philanthropic panel series “Conversation for a Cause.” Guest who purchased tickets to these intimate panels of about 250 people enjoyed asking questions of their favorite entertainers in an un-moderated forum. This year’s panels included some of the most talked about films, television shows and celebrities including “Riddick,” “Cast from ‘300: Rise of an Empire,'” “Dr. Who,” “The Maze Runner,” “Haven,” “I, Frankenstein,” “Orphan Black,” “PBS Masterpiece: Sherlock,” “Psych,” “Stoopid Buddy with Seth Green,” “Thrilling Adventure Hour,” “Fannibal Meetup with Bryan Fuller, Hugh Dancy and David Slade,” “Signing with the legendary Jim Lee of DC Entertainment,” “Adult Swim Panel featuring cast members from NTSF and Children’s Hospital,” “Kick Ass 2 Panel and Signing,” “Tiny Commando featuring Ed Helms, Gillian Jacobs, Ryan McFaul and Zachary Levi,” “A Conversation with NASA/JPL Mars Curiosity Rover” and “A Conversation with Zachary Levi and Mystery Guests” and individual panels with Evangeline Lilly, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, Joe Manganiello, Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Richard Madden, Tom Hiddleston, and Nerd HQ Founder Zachary Levi. [READ THE FULL ARTICLE]

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PLAYBILL ON OPENING NIGHT: First Date – Kiss Today Goodbye

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At this point in time, it’s not saying that much to say Levi gives the best performance of the season, but it certainly is a star turn that landed solidly with the first-nighters. True, his character is the point of entry for the audience, but he gets his laughs in a very individualized, dangerously unpredictable fashion, constantly rummaging through what seems a bottomless pit of surefire, audience-winning tics and tricks.

“Aaron’s a good man with a good heart,” says Levi. “He’s been wounded in life and is just trying to make it. He has a specific character arc and grows a pair at the end. There’s so much that’s funny in the show, so much heart, that people are walking away fulfilled. What I get more than anything is that people walk away saying, ‘That was time and money well-spent.’ That’s all you can hope for as an entertainer.” [READ THE FULL ARTICLE]

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Zachary Levi: Theater Is For Nerds, Too

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For Zachary Levi, the musical “First Date” is indeed his first date — with Broadway. So he’s been getting acquainted.

“I didn’t even know what previews were when I signed on to this,” he said at the tuner’s opening night party at Gotham Hall Aug. 8. Previews, it turns out, are what he missed a week of when he went off to San Diego Comic-Con last month for Nerd HQ, the annual otaku gathering and event series he founded.

At first glance, it might seem like nerds and theater avids don’t share much overlap, but not so fast, according to Levi. “Being a nerd just means being passionate about something,” he said. And theater fans certainly are that. [READ THE FUL ARTICLE]

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Zachary Levi makes a stunning Broadway debut in the new musical ‘First Date’

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By the end of Broadway’s “First Date,” Zachary Levi has won over the entire audience — you can feel everybody, women and men, young and old, swooning. If someone happened to smuggle in a small dog, you can bet it would go gaga over him, too.

He’s so remarkably at ease, it’s hard to believe the show — about a date unfolding in real time — marks his professional theater debut. And a singing one at that.

Levi spent five seasons as the star of the action-comedy series “Chuck,” in which he played a computer nerd who stumbles onto covert operations. His part here isn’t entirely dissimilar in spirit.

Levi’s Aaron is a gawky, likable corporate banker who’s been set up on a blind date by a colleague. This makes Aaron uncomfortably nervous, but he gamely trundles through, allowing Levi to set a new standard for adorkableness.

The show’s book, by Austin Winsberg (“Gossip Girl,” “Jake in Progress”), is neatly efficient. Aaron meets Casey (Krysta Rodriguez) at a restaurant, where their fellow diners and the waiter, changing costumes and personas at the drop of a hat, provide a kind of Greek chorus, alongside imaginary interventions from friends and family members.

But while Levi quickly wins us over, it’s harder to root for Rodriguez’s relentlessly caustic Casey.

The role is a tough one because Casey is such a cliché: the walking wounded hiding behind a cool, blasé exterior. “We both know that all this bravado is really just you being afraid of getting hurt,” her sister, Lauren (Sara Chase), tells her.

Just in case we still don’t get the message, Casey has a whole song, “Safer,” that explains how she uses sarcasm to protect herself from disappointment.

Rodriguez made a fine Wednesday in Broadway’s “The Addams Family,” but here she just duplicates her brittle performance as Katharine McPhee’s roommate, Ana, on TV’s “Smash.” She’s just not likable enough to make us overlook Casey’s rudeness.

Despite this imbalance, “First Date,” smoothly directed by Bill Berry, is a very pleasant show. Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner’s pop-rock score won’t dominate anybody’s iPod, but it’s perfectly adequate. The supporting cast does wonders in a variety of roles, especially the funny Kristoffer Cusick as Casey’s panicky gay friend, Reggie.

But the show really rests on Levi’s shoulders — and he carries it effortlessly.

The only clue we had that he could carry a tune was from his duet with Mandy Moore in Disney’s “Tangled.” Here, he turns out to be able to do far more than just sing a song: He can sell it. His 11 o’clock number, “In Love With You,” is a tour de force of comic timing, physical clowning and effective interpretation.

A loving relationship does come out of “First Date,” but it’s not between Aaron and Casey — it’s between Zachary Levi and theater. And it will last. [SOURCE]

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Nerd HQ 2013: Zachary Levi Talks Conversations For A Cause At San Diego Comic-Con

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For the past three years, Zachary Levi has masterminded Nerd HQ, an epic gathering for fans and celebrities to play games, buy merchandise, recharge their literal and metaphorical batteries and engage in “Conversations for a Cause” during Comic-Con weekend.

This year, Levi has expanded the event from a warehouse to Petco Park, the home baseball stadium of San Diego’s Padres, and the bigger venue comes with more opportunities for geek goodness over the course of the weekend. Below, Levi discusses the new additions to Nerd HQ and plans for future locations, as well as his dreams for a “Chuck” movie. Nerd HQ takes place from July 18-21 and you can buy Conversation for a Cause tickets benefiting Operation Smile here.

The bigger venue at Petco Park:
“Basically, I was trying to figure how I could lose my sanity as fast as possible and I thought I would [choose] a baseball stadium. [Laughs.] The most important thing about Nerd HQ for me has always been our Conversations for a Cause, just how special they are and offering that kind of intimacy and interaction between fans and celebrities and how that comes together and culminates for a greater good in the charitable aspect and making money for Operation Smile. And so, as you triage and prioritize your venues for what you need: We need space for the panels. The venue we had last year was great for that and then they turned the warehouse space that we were using into another club, so then we were out of venue and the only place left in San Diego that had space that we would need was Petco. So we procured it. We were like, ‘You know what? I think this could work,’ and we are basically transforming a section of the baseball stadium seating … we’re boxing it in and we’re building this artificial hall, this artificial room for [the Conversations]. [Read the full article]

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