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‘Remember Sunday’ Stars Alexis and Zach Reflect On Their Romantic TV Drama

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Hallmark Channel’s newest movie, Remember Sunday might give you some deja vu: think 50 First Dates with fewer laughs and a lot more heart.

In Remember Sunday, Gilmore Girls  star Alexis Bledel plays Molly, a down-on-her luck waitress who can never seem to catch a break. That’s until she meets Gus, played by Chuck cutie Zachary Levi, and things finally start to look up. Unfortunately, three years ago, Gus suffered a brain aneurysm, which left him with complete loss of his short‐term memory. That means each day is a brand new day for Gus and, despite the fact that he is never able to remember Molly, there is something special about her makes him fall in love with her all over again. Every day.

At the film’s premiere Levi explained to that Gus’s memory condition would be a challenge for any couple, but their determination is what makes Gus and Molly so special. “They have a lot of heart. They care about each other, and they care enough to struggle and try and work it out,” he said. Bledel agreed with the sentiment, saying she was drawn to Molly’s willingness to take chances with her heart. “They really both are willing to work hard to make somebody else happy and they just have such a great willingness to do that and naturally they’re just great people.”

Now, any girl would be hesitant to jump into a relationship with a man who doesn’t remember you in the morning, and Bledel explained that Molly will question whether or not this is something she wants to be a part of. “It’s an incredible challenge so we don’t know how long they actually can be together, but I think the fact that she even decides to try is very moving and inspiring,” Bledel said.

Viewers will ultimately be left smiling when the ending credits for Remember Sunday roll across their TV screens this weekend, but the movie’s final scene still leaves the audience to fill in the blank about the couple’s future. In fact, Levi said that this was one of the very reasons he signed on for the film. He explained, “We don’t really know [what happens to the couple] and the reality is that was something I actually appreciated about the script. It kind of leaves it a little bit open-ended for the audience to decide.”

Remember that Remember Sunday, premieres this — you guessed it — Sunday, April 21, at 9 PM on Hallmark channel. [Source]

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Chuck’s Zachary Levi: “Amazing” Fans Could Make Chuck Movie Happen

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Fans were heartbroken when Chuck ended last year, but things might not be totally over!

We were able to catch up with Zachary Levi at the premiere of his new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, Remember Sunday. Zachary points out that the success of the Veronica Mars kickstarter has set an amazing example of what fans can do, and it’s made him see a sliver of hope for a Chuck movie.

As far as my heart and my mind are concerned I would love to make it happen when the timing is right, when the stars align.

I don’t want to rush into it, I don’t want to wait too long, I just want it to be right. Internationally, the show is still airing, so you can’t jump the gun too much on that. But I do think there is a good chance for it because of Veronica Mars and studios are more open to that.

And you know, why not just make and sell it directly to the fans? It would be great, they’re amazing people!

Zachary also joked that he’d be catering Remember Sunday co-star Alexis Bledel’s wedding to Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser: “I make amazing pigs in blankets, you have no idea.” [Source]

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Emmy Rossum And Zachary Levi Perform Broadway Hits For Charity

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Stars including Emmy Rossum and Zachary Levi took to the stage in Beverly Hills, California on Wednesday night to perform their favourite Broadway songs to raise money for charity.

The actors turned out at the Beverly Hilton Hotel for A Night at Sardi’s, the Alzheimer’s Association’s annual celebrity musical revue and awards dinner which aims to fund research, support and care for those suffering from the devastating condition.

Chuck star Levi performed a duet of Frank Sinatra’s The Lady Is A Tramp with dancer Keltie Colleen, while Rossum thrilled the crowd, which included stars Jason Bateman and Beth Behrs, with her rendition of Keep Young and Beautiful from Broadway hit 42nd Street.

Oscar-winning producer Brian Grazer was honoured at the event as he was presented with the Abe Burrows Entertainment Award for his commitment to the Alzheimer’s Association. [Source]

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Following ‘Veronica Mars’ success, Zachary Levi wants to make a ‘Chuck’ film more than ever

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Chuck star Zachary Levi got all excited on Twitter when the Veronica Mars movie met its $2 million goal on Kickstarter (It has now earned $3.3 million) and got the green light.

Yep, you’re reading that hashtag correctly: a Chuck movie. Being the slightly obsessed fans that we are, EW reached out to Levi to see just how much we should expect a cinematic version of the nerd-tastic comedy, which played for five seasons on NBC before bidding adieu.
The short answer? There’s nothing officially in the works just yet — but that’s not for lack of enthusiasm. “We are entering into the wild west of entertainment where essentially everybody can do what only studios could do for the last 70 years,” says an energized Levi.
The actor admires the sentiment behind the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, and he dismisses any of the backlash against it as “dumb” and “ignorant.” “[Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas] loved what they did with the show, and they love the connection that the fans have with it, and, to me, that’s the best thing you can have,” he says. “That’s how I felt about Chuck. I love the family that we had making that show, and I love the impact and connection that we had with our fans, and that’s why I’ve always wanted to continue that journey.” [Read The Rest Here]

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Zachary Levi wants ‘Chuck’ movie following ‘Veronica Mars’ Kickstarter

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Note by Hayley:
About this article: Zac has not said there will be a Chuck movie. He has hope for one. There is nothing official yet.

Zachary Levi has hinted at a possible Chuck movie following the success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign.

A movie based on cult series Veronica Mars will enter production after fans raised the $2m target budget in less than 24 hours.

Levi – who played the title character in Chuck from 2007 to 2012 – congratulated Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell and series creator Rob Thomas on “helping move entertainment a little closer in the direction I’ve always hoped it would go”.

The actor took to Twitter to claim that the Kickstarter campaign “bolsters [his] faith” in a similarly fan-funded Chuck movie project.

2nd, to you Chucksters, believe that this news only bolsters my faith that I can help bring you a #ChuckMovie. Be patient. Stay tuned.

Chuck co-creator Josh Schwartz also used Twitter to address the possibility of a spinoff film, joking that fans would be unable to raise the required “$120 million” budget. [Source]

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Play as Zachary Levi in Tomb Raider multiplayer

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It seems Zachary Levi has been rewarded for his hosting of Tomb Raider’s behind the scenes series, The Final Hours, with a playable character in the upcoming release. Players will be able to select Levi’s character for the multiplayer element of the game and hear him bellow a number of recorded lines and noises, as showcased in the behind the scenes video.

Levi visited the Eidos Montreal studio to take a look at the multiplayer element of the game as part of the series. The video features interviews with team members, shows the game in action in multiplayer, and explains some of the inspirations behind the inclusion of multiplayer. The isometric Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, which was released in 2010, helped Crystal Dynamics understand the value of multiplayer, how the experience could be shared, and how to connect players. [Source]

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Thor 2’s Zachary Levi Talks Going Shirtless Next to “Awesome” Chris Hemsworth: “He’s a Rock Star!”

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Chris Hemsworth isn’t the only blond hunk in Thor: The Dark World.

Former Chuck star Zachary Levi had to dye his dark hair much lighter to play the role of Thor’s pal Fandral in the upcoming superhero sequel.

“People always ask me now if blonds have more fun,” Levi laughed about dying his hair, beard and eyebrows at Spike TV’s Video Game Awards in L.A.

“No, it’s really cool,” the 32-year-old actor told us of joining the film franchise. “Josh Dallas played the role I’m playing, Fandral the Dashing, in the first film. I was a little trepidatious about stepping into that because someone had already done it. But everyone’s embraced me wholeheartedly and been very cool. We shoot in London. I’ve spent more time there in the last five months than anywhere else. It’s been an incredible adventure.”

As for working with Hemsworth, Levi gushed, “He’s an awesome guy. Brand new baby. He’s a new dad, [has] a lovely wife, the whole nine. He’s a rock star.”

So will Levi be getting lots of shirtless screen time next to super hot Mr. Hemsworth in the film?

“I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations, but I can say there will not be any lack of eye candy,” he dished. “Aside from me! I’m not even talking about me. I’ve talking about Chris and Tom [Hiddleston] and everybody else. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and happy.” [Source]

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‘Chuck’ star Zachary Levi ‘wanted to take break from TV’

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Zachary Levi has admitted that he was hesitant about joining a new Fox comedy pilot.

The Chuck star will play an uptight husband in family sitcom Let It Go.

“This guy believes in a social contract, so sternly, and that we all should abide by it,” he told TVLine.

Levi explained that he was initially planning on taking a break from television following the conclusion of NBC’s Chuck.

“After finishing Chuck and the journey that that was, I actually decided that I didn’t want to do TV for a little while… but I do believe that television is, now more than ever, an incredible medium,” he said.

“And a lot of the advice I was getting from… people in film and television was that it’s not about the size of the screen, it’s about the quality of the content. And I really believe in this content.”

Levi added that he is currently the only actor attached to Let It Go, which has been written by Traffic Light’s DJ Nash.

“We shoot the pilot in a month, and then it’s up to the television gods,” he revealed. [source]

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“Let It Go” on The 15 Most Promising Shows Of The 2012 Pilot Season

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“Let It Go” is on The 15 Most Promising Shows Of The 2012 Pilot Season.

15. Let It Go — The pilot is an ensemble comedy about a married couple, the husband, his best friend, and her sister as they try to navigate, negotiate, and sometimes manipulate society’s unspoken rules. I’ll grant that the premise sounds terrible, but it will star Zachary Levi, who was much sought after during this pilot season. The fact that he chose this project over all the rest suggests that it must have some promise, despite the premise. Either that, or Zachary Levi just has terrible taste. [Source]

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Pilots Season Talent: Which Actors Are Hot This Year And Other Casting Trends

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The casts of veteran series that are ending their run are always targets for pilot casting directors. This year that includes ABC’s Desperate Housewives and NBC’s Chuck. I hear that Desperate Housewives‘ production schedule may not allow its stars to do hourlong pilots, but doing ABC half-hour pilots is a possibility because of the shorter production span and the ability to coordinate dates internally. Felicity Huffman already has been approached for an ABC comedy pilot. Meanwhile, Williams who has a talent deal with ABC and on avergae has less work load than the other Desperate Housewives leading ladies, may be able to do an hourlong pilot. As for Chuck, star Zachary Levi has already been talked about for an NBC comedy pilot. [Source]

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