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Zachary Levi on a ‘Chuck’ movie: ‘I’m working on it’

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Zachary Levi has been talking about a “Chuck” movie since the beginning of this year, but it’s going to take a minute, as the rest of the watching world reaches the end of the series for themselves.

Speaking from the red carpet during the “Thor: The Dark World” premiere last night (Nov. 4), “Chuck’s” titular TV actor said he continues to “spearhead” a reunion for its cast.

“I’m working on it,” he said. “The show is still airing in some markets in the world, in Japan they’re still showing the fifth season, so you cant rightly make a movie without them having finished that whole journey. You gotta have a little time to decompress, and then you go make a movie.”

He told HitFix that he’d make another go at television “with the right project at the right time.” In the meantime, he gets to enjoy his role in Marvel’s latest world, for this “Thor” sequel, as Fandral. As previously reported, Levi missed out on playing that character in the first film due to an extension of “Chuck.” Then, his replacement Josh Dallas had to put the armor down for “The Dark World” due to his commitments to “Once Upon a Time.”

“I grew up reading comics and more comics and more comics,” Levi said of this current career spike. “To actually put on wardrobe and have a sword and ride a horse and you have explosions going off… I’m living my childhood dreams right now. I’m so blessed.

“I hope that I do the fanboys and fangirls proud.” [SOURCE: HITFIX]

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Chuck: Behind the Scenes Videos

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Chuck’s Zachary Levi: “Amazing” Fans Could Make Chuck Movie Happen

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Fans were heartbroken when Chuck ended last year, but things might not be totally over!

We were able to catch up with Zachary Levi at the premiere of his new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, Remember Sunday. Zachary points out that the success of the Veronica Mars kickstarter has set an amazing example of what fans can do, and it’s made him see a sliver of hope for a Chuck movie.

As far as my heart and my mind are concerned I would love to make it happen when the timing is right, when the stars align.

I don’t want to rush into it, I don’t want to wait too long, I just want it to be right. Internationally, the show is still airing, so you can’t jump the gun too much on that. But I do think there is a good chance for it because of Veronica Mars and studios are more open to that.

And you know, why not just make and sell it directly to the fans? It would be great, they’re amazing people!

Zachary also joked that he’d be catering Remember Sunday co-star Alexis Bledel’s wedding to Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser: “I make amazing pigs in blankets, you have no idea.” [Source]

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Move Over, Veronica Mars! Zachary Levi Wants to Make a Chuck Movie: It “Would Be Fun”

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Veronica Mars may not be the only fan-favorite TV show getting the film treatment.

Zachary Levi says he’d love to follow in Kristen Bell‘s’ footsteps and make a Chuck movie!

“I’ve always thought doing a Chuck movie would be fun,” Levi told us at the “A Night at Sardi’s” benefit at the Beverly Hilton Hotel when asked about following the Mars movie model. “If we had just gone straight to monetizing it and selling it directly to the fans then, we might still actually be on the air.”

“There’s a lot of conversations that need to happen,” the 32-year-old actor said of bringing the fan-favorite spy series to the silver screen. “I’m going to sit down with Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak and just kind of gauge their temperature on it. See how much they’d want to be involved. Of course, I’d only want to do it with the blessing of them, they created the show, and the blessing of Warner Bros.”

As for the way in which Bell and Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas used Kickstarter to let fans donate to the movie project, Levi said, “I’ve always had this passion for where content is going to come from in the future—and being able to essentially just make whatever you want and sell it directly to fans.”

“I think what Kristen and Rob have done is awesome,” he gushed. “I love that they care about their fans. I love that they are bringing their talents back to their fans and wanting to kind of complete the journey they never got to the first time around.”

Levi added, “I will watch that movie, I can’t wait to see it.” [Source]

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Has ‘Veronica Mars’ Ushered in a New Era of Movie Development?: Zac Interview

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“If I had the power and the rights, I would have done it myself already,” says Zachary Levi, star of the spy comedy Chuck, another Warner Bros.-owned series for which fans staged perennial “save our show” campaigns in its five seasons on the bubble at NBC. Levi believes that studios would do well to market revivals of niche properties directly to the fans.

“So much of the budget goes into advertising,” he says. “If we came out with a Chuck movie now, I don’t know how many more people who didn’t watch Chuck would watch this movie. You don’t need to do a theatrical release. You’re doing it for the fans. You’d want to do an online release, and if people want to pay extra dollars to get the DVD and Blu-ray, you can make money from those purchases. I would keep overhead as low as possible [with] social marketing.”

Levi wonders if Warner’s unprecedented agreement to let Bell and Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas attempt to crowd fund its intellectual property has anything to do with the studio’s new CEO, former home entertainment president Kevin Tsujihara, and his familiarity with the digital domain. Although Thomas reportedly first approached Warner with the Kickstarter idea over a year ago, long before Tsujihara’s promotion was announced in January, it is the digital division that will be handling legal work and distribution of the Mars movie via VOD and other digital platforms, as well as a very limited theatrical run. Insiders say full details on the extent of Warner Bros.’ involvement won’t be announced until the Kickstarter campaign ends on April 12, although Thomas has said that the studio is also lending its resources to research rewards fulfillment for the T-shirts, DVDs and other items that have been promised to the project’s 49,000-plus backers. On Thursday, Thomas announced that the movie, which will be co-produced by series executive producer Joel Silver, would receive a premiere and party in New York City as well as Thomas’ hometown of Austin.

The Mars movie project has pushed fan support into uncharted territory. Actual monetary pledges to foot production costs speak more loudly to studios than petition signatures, mail-in campaign stunts and trade-pub advertisements, but John Rogers, co-creator of the independently-financed heist drama Leverage, which concluded five seasons on TNT in December, believes that Mars’ crowd funding success is fascinating but not yet significant. “I don’t like to read big changes off a single incident,” he says, “but I will say this may convince a studio to allow small margin expansions on existing intellectual property…. Rob Thomas is saying, ‘I’ve mitigated the risk and brought in the audience.’ “

The campaign has prompted some criticism that crowd funding a studio-owned project violates Kickstarter’s indie ethos, but on Thursday the website’s official blog congratulated Veronica Mars and its fans, adding that Kickstarter was inspired in part by Fox’s cancellation of Arrested Development in 2006: “As fans of the show we thought Kickstarter could help. [Co-founder Perry Chen] got an introduction to David Cross through a friend and told him about Kickstarter: the fans fund the show directly and Arrested Development keeps going.” Cross was intrigued by the concept and became Kickstarter’s first investor, but said that the entertainment industry was too complex for saving a show like Arrested Development to be feasible.

“At the time, David was right,” wrote Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler. “But seven years later things are changing. Arrested Development is back thanks to Netflix. And yesterday saw the relaunch of Veronica Mars in stunning fashion.”

“We’re in the zeitgeist moment,” says Levi. “Veronica Mars is moving the needle [toward a new development model]. I think it’ll behoove studios to get on this train.” [Read the full article here]

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Following ‘Veronica Mars’ success, Zachary Levi wants to make a ‘Chuck’ film more than ever

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Chuck star Zachary Levi got all excited on Twitter when the Veronica Mars movie met its $2 million goal on Kickstarter (It has now earned $3.3 million) and got the green light.

Yep, you’re reading that hashtag correctly: a Chuck movie. Being the slightly obsessed fans that we are, EW reached out to Levi to see just how much we should expect a cinematic version of the nerd-tastic comedy, which played for five seasons on NBC before bidding adieu.
The short answer? There’s nothing officially in the works just yet — but that’s not for lack of enthusiasm. “We are entering into the wild west of entertainment where essentially everybody can do what only studios could do for the last 70 years,” says an energized Levi.
The actor admires the sentiment behind the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, and he dismisses any of the backlash against it as “dumb” and “ignorant.” “[Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas] loved what they did with the show, and they love the connection that the fans have with it, and, to me, that’s the best thing you can have,” he says. “That’s how I felt about Chuck. I love the family that we had making that show, and I love the impact and connection that we had with our fans, and that’s why I’ve always wanted to continue that journey.” [Read The Rest Here]

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Zachary Levi wants ‘Chuck’ movie following ‘Veronica Mars’ Kickstarter

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Note by Hayley:
About this article: Zac has not said there will be a Chuck movie. He has hope for one. There is nothing official yet.

Zachary Levi has hinted at a possible Chuck movie following the success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign.

A movie based on cult series Veronica Mars will enter production after fans raised the $2m target budget in less than 24 hours.

Levi – who played the title character in Chuck from 2007 to 2012 – congratulated Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell and series creator Rob Thomas on “helping move entertainment a little closer in the direction I’ve always hoped it would go”.

The actor took to Twitter to claim that the Kickstarter campaign “bolsters [his] faith” in a similarly fan-funded Chuck movie project.

2nd, to you Chucksters, believe that this news only bolsters my faith that I can help bring you a #ChuckMovie. Be patient. Stay tuned.

Chuck co-creator Josh Schwartz also used Twitter to address the possibility of a spinoff film, joking that fans would be unable to raise the required “$120 million” budget. [Source]

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SFX Magazine: Scan

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SFX Issue: March 2013

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Chuck season 5 coming to the UK on Netflix

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As part of a deal struck with Warner Bros. International Television Distribution, Netflix UK & Ireland have secured the rights to the entire series of Chuck. Including season 5 which has never been broadcast on UK TV. After it was dropped by Sky Living, Chuck repeats are available, Sundays on 5Star. This week is season 2 episode 22 “Chuck Versus The Ring”.

Netflix Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos said: “We are thrilled to be the exclusive online subscription home for these incredibly entertaining shows from Warner Bros. Television. We are giving fans the opportunity to relive their favorite moments from these programmes while hopefully attracting a lot of new ones who will be able to enjoy these serialized stories from their very beginning.” [Read the full article]

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TV’s Top 50 Love Stories of the Past Decade

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#16 Chuck and Sarah, Chuck
The nerd got the hot chick after years of dancing around the issues, pretending to be a couple for their cover. The romance was just one of the many genres that made this show so unique. [SOURCE]

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