CHUCK star Zachary Levi on the show’s finale and the prospects of future CHUCK movies

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ASSIGNMENT X: How was it filming the last 13, knowing this was the end?

LEVI: It’s hard anytime you just cut off something prematurely or without warning – and without having finished it or finish out whatever the vision you were trying to communicate with the audience. It’s mostly it’s unfair to the audience – an audience that has been so critical in keeping our show around so long and giving us so much love and support. To not be able to offer us closure, would have been heinous. To not have closure ourselves, amongst the cast and crew – that would have sucked. It was emotional at the end. Our goodbye scenes, having to say goodbye to Casey [Adam Baldwin], Beckman [Bonita Friedericy], Ellie [Sarah Lancaster] and Awesome [Ryan McPartlin] and obviously Chuck and Sarah [Yvonne Strahovski]. They’re not spoilers, it was art imitating life in some ways. I’m looking at these actors who I have worked with for five years and who are my good friends and are like family. [Read the full interview here]

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