Claudia Lee Interview – Speaking about Zac

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In an interview with Claudia Lee, she speaks about Zac.

Melissa Miller: What was it like to work with [Zachary Levi] on the Comcast commercial?
Claudia Lee: It was so fun! I have to be really honest with you. He is the sweetest guy ever. He is so much fun. And it was a five day shoot for a commercial which was kind of weird because we were on different locations. We were in Malibu and we were filming in these really beautiful houses and mansions. And it was just really fun spending those five days with him because he was such a sweet guy. I really got to see his humble side, and I met his family. He was a lot of fun. And when I was on set just recently, when they were done filming Chuck I saw him and I was like “I don’t know if you remember me but I did a Comcast commercial with you.” and he was like “Claudia? No way!” He just, like, remembered me. He was the sweetest person ever.

MM: Oh. That’s so awesome. I love to hear things like that.
CL: I’m really excited for him because I heard he had a new project going on. [Let it Go on Fox] I think he is really awesome. And I’m so happy for him. [Source]

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