‘Dancing With The Stars’ ‘Less Than Perfect’ reunion

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Zachary Levi — he played the often conniving Kipp on “Less Than Perfect” and later played the title role on NBC’s “Chuck.” He and Rue exchanged a heart-warming moment — a brief kiss — behind the scenes of “Dancing With The Stars.”

“Andy has a special place in our hearts, for many reasons and yeah, we’ve seen him go through some really tough times and we’ve all really stood together in those tough times and it’s a special for Andy to be doing this show and to see him healthy and happy and smiling,” Levi told OTRC.com.

“And it’s really special for me to get to see these guys [from ‘Less Than Perfect’] because we don’t get to see each other enough,” he added. “And so if it takes ‘Dancing With The Stars’ to get us all back together, then I say ‘Amen.” [Source]

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