The 12 Parties Not to Miss in San Diego: Nerd HQ

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Nerd HQ Swings for the Fences

“Viva La Nerdolution!” Zach Levi proclaims. His Nerd HQ is planting its flag in the biggest venue in San Diego: Petco Park.

In it’s third year, Levi’s crew bumps the hometown Padres on a Lakers-during-the-Grammys-esque road trip of 15 days while they snag their home stadium.

Beyond the massive scope of the gaming, signings, and parties free and open to the public, Levi’s wrangled Joss Whedon, Joe Maganiello, and a slew of others for his own ticketed panels (think, “Dr. Who”,  “Orphan Black”) and donates the ticket price ($22) to Operation Smile. Last year, he raised $140,000 for Operation Smile. (Twitter @thenerdmachine/Instagram: @Nerdmachine) Thursday-Sunday produced by 48 Communications and Rogers and Cowan. [Source]

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