Zac on UStream: Video

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Video streaming by Ustream

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Zac Twitter Q&A

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Zachary Levi’s Facebook Q&A: March 20, 2014

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With V. Mars getting a movie would there be a Chuck movie ever? Or even the possiblity of the show coming back?
As of now I believe that I’m the only one trying to spearhead a “Chuck” movie. I’ve said in the past that I’d love to continue the story and characters beyond where we finished with them in the series. I’ve talked to most all the actors and believe that everyone is on board. But I don’t own the rights to the show, so I will have to convince WB to allow me to actually make the movie. It’s not as simple as some people might think, unfortunately.

If my fiancé and I were to make a sizeable donation (Thousands) to Operation Smile at NerdHQ this year, would you get yourself ordained and marry us AT NerdHQ this year?
Hellllllllll yesssssssss! That would be amazing!

Is Christianity still your religion? Because I think it’s great the someone in your line of work still stays true to it.
It’s not religion, per se, but it most definitely is my spiritual relationship with whom I believe my creator to be.

Okay…who was your favourite actor to portray Batman??
I think all of our Batmen have had cool things about them, and they’ve definitely all tried their very best, but Michael Keaton was not only the best Batman, but one of the greatest, and subsequently most underrated, actors of our generation.

Hey Zac! Do you have a mantra you live by?
Seek truth with all of your heart, mind and soul. Also, don’t eat yellow snow.

Zachary, Zach, Levi. So, I’m pretty sure you get fan letters on a regular basis telling you about how incredible of an actor you are. I’m sure you also get fan letters that say creepy things like: “I see you in your sleep…” Whatever. Anyway, aside from the creepy fan letters, I was wondering how you, being so devastatingly goodlooking and famous, manage to keep a good head on your shoulders? As we’ve seen, there are quite a few actors who get really caught up in their own celebrity lives who forget that there’s a world outside of their little bubble, and you’re one of the few, that I know of, who still dedicates their time to community service. Um, so, basically… how do you do it? You know, not become self-obsessed like all the other celebrities?
I believe that anything of worth in me is a gift from God. A gift that I haven’t earned, and will never earn. So instead, I just try to thank God every day for where he has brought me, and trust in where he is going to bring me next. I don’t know how long I’ll be blessed enough to stick around here on earth, but I’m gonna make damn sure that I at least try and leave it a better place than when I arrived.

I am not going to Comic-Con this year, but I have donated to help nerd HQ and my question to you is, if Nerd HQ does not happen this year (Knock on wood), will you try again at a later date? Because I honestly believe if more ppl knew what nerd HQ was about, they would donate in a heartbeat. For instance, I only found out what it was a week or two ago.
I really would love to do NerdHQ as long as I’ve got life in me. Aside from it being the best place for us at The Nerd Machine to make an impact with our brand, every year I see the happiness that it brings so many people, and it overwhelms me. It truly does. It’s hard to explain, and to those that are not spiritually persuaded I suppose even harder still, but the reality is I genuinely feel like one of the very reasons I was put on earth was to do it. No joke. As much as anyone can feel a purpose or calling on their life, I really do feel like this is part of mine. That said, I know that not everything is forever. I’ve made peace with the idea that perhaps I was only suppose to do this for 4 years. That maybe it’s just a door to something else. And perhaps not even for me. Maybe I was suppose to do this just to touch the specific lives that it touched and that it will inspire someone else to create something even bigger or better or whatever. Make no mistake, I’m not saying this is the last year. But I’m not going to try and strong arm it into existence if it’s ultimately not meant to be anymore. Also, I’m really glad that you found out what it is, and thank you so much for your support.

Any chance you’re going to release an album in the (semi) near future?
That’s the plan. But don’t have a time frame just yet.

Which would you rather fight: one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?
Do I get a gun?

Will you ever bring nerdhq to another comicon? Maybe Seattle?
One con at a time my friend. But yeah, I’d love to have a presence at all the cons

If you could play any comic book character who would you play?
Deadpool. Hands down. But not so sure that’s possible now.

Top 3 favorite video games in order.
Goldeneye. Goldeneye. Goldeneye.

I love everything you are trying to do for your fans! You are awesome! How did you first come up with the idea to start the Nerd Machine / Nerd HQ?
Well, I like making money (like most people I would assume), and I like making people happy (like most people I would hope). So I often sit around thinking of business ventures that can accomplish both things, and that’s where The Nerd Machine came from. I felt like the the nerd community was underserved in our ability to express ourselves with one simple, unifying brand, and that it would make people happy to have one. So that’s what I did. NerdHQ came out of trying to figure out the most effective way to activate TNM at Comic Con. And it seemed to me that if you want people to trust and support your brand, you should try and do everything in your power to offer them the best experience that you can think of, and that thru that you can build a relationship with people where you don’t have to pound them over the head, but rather they feel good about supporting your company. I looked, and continue to look, for ways to incentivize everyone involved in the process (fans, celebs, vendors, sponsors, etc.) so that at the end of the day, everyone walks away feeling that they were a part of something that was genuinely good, and that did good in the world.

What did you eat for breakfast?
Starbucks breakfast sandwich, oatmeal, and coffee. I eat at Starbucks a lot. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. But it’s efficient

Aw, make me another sandwich. What a great memory that day is to me. Thankyou.
So much fun right?!

What colour underpants are you wearing? Asking for a friend.

HI! Chocolate, or Vanilla?

Why don’t you do more video game voice acting?
I’m totally down for it! People just gotta hire me

How is your day going?
Pretty good now, thanks. I was feelin a little low today dealing with some haters. But haters gonna hate. And feeling the love from everyone here is pretty tremendous.

How long does it take to organise nerdhq?
361 days a year. We start prepping for next year’s NerdHQ the Monday after we wrap up the last one.


My family and I met you in NY @ F/D. You waited and spoke to us at length about our daughter who is overseas with her Marine husband. You took the time to make a video thanking him for his service. I have donated to your Nerd HQ cause and only wish I could give you the million dollars you need – because you made us feel like a million dollars that night. We are very proud to be your fans. Stay well and looking forward to seeing the best Nerd HQ ever. God bless.
Mary, you have no idea how much that means to me. I’ve been attacked recently by some people online, and as much as I try not to take it personally it really does affect me, a lot. Thank you for your kind words, thank you for your support, and continued blessings on you and your family.

Hey Zac! I met you when I saw First Date, any advice for aspiring actors?
Theater, theater, theater. And more theater. It’s the foundation of all that we do as actors.

All time Fave Movie?
Groundhog Day. Forrest Gump. Amelie. Can’t pick.

How difficult is it to attend Nerd Herd? Long lines? Are people ever turned away?
If you go here or here, it will hopefully answer a lot of questions. But essentially, there are no lines. We sell individual tix to our panels, so you’ll know if you’re getting in or not beforehand, and the venue itself is completely free to come hang out in, with lots of room. The only lines you might encounter are the queues for photo/signing ops (that are sometimes very impromptu and mostly based on any celebs available time) and the line to get into the dance parties on Thursday or Saturday night, which are pretty epic, so I suggest getting ahead of the crowd. Hmmm. I hoped that the two links would hyper-up for ya. But a good copy and paste should do the trick. [Source: Zac's Facebook]

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I Want My NerdHQ Facebook Chat

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Zachary Levi and Nerd HQ Need You

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Zac on Kevin & Bean Show

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Zac was on the Kevin & Bean Show today. Click the image below to listen.


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Blog Talk Radio Interview with Zac

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Discover Entertainment Internet Radio with Erica Presents for ENMNetwork on BlogTalkRadio

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Zachary Levi Launches Crowd-Funding Campaign for Nerd HQ

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Zachary Levi is turning to the fans.

On Tuesday, the Chuck and Thor 2 star launches a 46-day crowd-funding campaign, “I Want My Nerd HQ,” to help partially finance the popular fan event Nerd HQ, which is eyeing its fourth year at San Diego’s Comic-Con this July. Levi, who began Nerd HQ in 2011, is hoping to reach a target goal of $1 million through Indiegogo, a crowd-funding platform similar in vein to Kickstarter. Since Nerd HQ began three years ago, attendance has grown from 20,000 in its inaugural year to 32,000 in 2013, raising $215,000 for Operation Smile through celebrity panel series “Conversations for a Cause” in its most recent outing. So why turn to crowd-funding now?

“Nerd HQ was this thing we started and believed in for three years, and we just found that the financial model for how we were doing it just wasn’t working anymore,” the 33-year-old actor tells The Hollywood Reporter. The plan was to keep Nerd HQ “as free and accessible as we could,” which meant Levi and his counterparts relied on sponsorship dollars — “that way we could put all the cost on that” for things such as securing the venue and paying production staff. While that strategy worked the first two years, “it didn’t really work well at all” last summer, Levi admits, alluding to sponsors pulling out at the last moment, forcing him to pay out of his own pocket. “I got hit hard with it; that was a sign of ‘I don’t know if this really works anymore.’ ” That doesn’t mean Nerd HQ will be solely financed by the fans; Levi insists sponsorships will still be on the docket — he’s just guaranteeing that last year won’t happen again.  [Read the full interview]

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#IWantMyNerdHQ Crowdfunding

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The “I Want My Nerd HQ” Campaign is very simple. We need your support for Nerd HQ 2014. The funding strategy we have been using to produce Nerd HQ is no longer viable due to venue deadlines and the commitments required by the Nerd Machine to properly plan the event. We wish we could continue to subsidize the event ourselves, but we simply no longer can. We believe in our hearts that YOU will help to ensure Nerd HQ can continue to offer an amazing FREE experience for fans in San Diego, fans watching online, and all the children we are able to help through the funds you contribute during Nerd HQ for Operation Smile. To date, the Nerd Machine has raised over $415,000 dollars for the charity.

You have a powerful voice and the Nerd Machine needs you to use that voice and let the world know you support this campaign, whether you can contribute or not. We love and appreciate you either way. We believe that everyone is nerdy about something, so please tweet, post, reddit, and email to get the word out and help us produce the greatest Nerd HQ ever.

Please note that Nerd HQ is not affiliated with San Diego Comic Con International. Nerd HQ is planning to held at Petco Park at the same time as the convention.

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‘Robot Chicken’ – Season 7

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Robot Chicken season 7 will feature voice talent from Chris Pine, Max Greenfield, Zac Levi, Jordan Peele, Keegan Michael Key, Saoirse Ronan, Kate Mara, Rob Corddry, JK Simmons, Kyle Chandler, and many, many more! [Source]
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